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Shades of Joy

She is ten.

This is a post my daughter.

You were a tiny, helpless bundle with dark black hair…

Dancing curiosity in your eyes was so obvious.

You smiled and giggled and talked on-stop after you started speaking.

I look at you, head bent as you concentrate to draw in the sketch book.

I am amazed to notice the changes as if I am meeting you for the first time.

You look so grown up and independent.

However, in the darkness of the night when you come to me with sleepy eyes and say….Mama I am scared! You look so innocently naïve

And when I let my fingers wander through your hair you relax and trust unquestionably.

I watch you breeze away on the bicycle turning around the cornet to catch my eye……

When you tell I make the best cake in the world.

When you say that Friday’s rice and lentil casserole was just superb

When you look at me and understand that I am upset…

Dear daughter there is so much I want to say, but words elude.

Yet, I will add.

My life as your mother is a bliss!

The above picture was done by my daughter.


I link this Liv’s blog


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !



  1. Sue says:

    Such a lovely sentiment, my words couldn’t compliment it enough

  2. Sue says:

    Beautiful words! Children are amazing, and sometimes we get so busy we forget to tell them. This is a lovely gift that you daughter can cherish forever.

  3. So sweet. Sounds like you two have a wonderful relationship. My youngest just turned 18 this month and it is fun to reflect back to her younger years through someone else’s eyes with their own children. Thank you.

    • Nupur says:

      Michele, yes I have a wonderful relationship with my daughter. I am smiling as I read your words….dreaming as how my daughter would be at 18…thanks for the lovely words!

    • Vinny says:

      He he, morsomt innlegg som vanlig. Uansett populært i Blogglandia eller ei – zink hus er vakkert da, Marit! :o) Og du kan bruke det hele Ã¥tG…rereen gate er jeg usikker pÃ¥ hva er, men noe med prikker har jeg forstÃ¥tt! Gjett hvem som gÃ¥r inn pÃ¥ Google nÃ¥?Klem Marit :o)

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful daughter! It’s such a lovely practice to take time and articulate what joys those we love bring to us, and it’s lovely to have it documented for your daughter. And I’m totally charmed by her artwork.

    • Nupur says:

      Thanks Deborah for the appreciation. As you rightly say we should take time to tell our loved ones how wonderful they are. Yes, this particular piece of art is my favourite.

  5. Lovely words spoken for your daughter. Such a wonderful tribute to her. She is quite an artist your little one. Blessings. xo

  6. Julie Geigle says:

    So beautiful and touching. I, too, have an amazing daughter of 14 yrs. It is like being given the opportunity to mother my own inner child as she grows and changes. It’s been quite a healing experience for me and a huge blessing.

    • Nupur says:

      Thanks Julie for the appreciation. I am so glad you could connect with this blog. The relationship of a mother and a daughter is fascinating. As you said it is beautifully healing.

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