Where was the ‘Green’?

Where was the Green?

 A tree just outside my house was devoid of any leaves for more than two months. It stood stoically watching over, braving the harsh winter winds. There was nothing that spoke about the inherent life force. Other trees nearby had their green coat intact. Somehow, this tree looked odd with pointed brown branches fanning around its trunk aimlessly. There was nothing to hold your gaze except for looking unusual in the midst of green.

Throughout December, January and February, I observed without paying much attention.  I noticed and admired the other trees. However, yesterday morning the moment while walking out of the room to the terrace I stopped in my tracks. Ahead of me was a stunning sight! This tree was covered with delicate green button like leaves overnight. It was as if a master painter had worked all night to give it leaves. The tree looked glorious in the early golden light.

Delicate Green

Where was this ‘green’? My mind asked. However, my heart smiled. The Divine presence in my heart was totally aware. Was the tree conscious of this? Yes, it was and that was the reason it had calmly braved the winter standing naked in the outdoor. The tree spirit believed and trusted the Universe to provide what was needed. It was not affected by lack of attention by the passersby. It never complained and compared with the other trees only because it had absolutely understood that every journey is different. Each phase in life is transient, and patience is the sole key.

When we face challenges, and things are far from our liking why do we feel angry and frustrated? The mind gets busy finding strategies to overcome or override the present situation. Our hearts are blocked with anger, resentment and fear. We easily slip into depression or apathy. Feelings of self-pity overwhelm us as we constantly delve into comparison.

This nondescript tree appears to know and understand more than us. It embraces the process with an open heart and bares its soul to every experience. The tree TRUSTS this progression. It knows that (however, cliché It might sound) everything does happen for a reason, and transpires for the best.


  1. simmu says:

    for me you are the tree.as believing and strong. thats why u can tranfer these messages straight from all silent hearts.

  2. Nargis says:

    Hi Nups…..WOW!! What a colourful blogspace this is….of course with mostly shades of green….:-} Enjoyed most of the contents…and yes, you are right. Everything has a reason…and a season but the tree goes on…unless of course Man decides to end it’s life…!!

    • Nupur says:

      Nargis; Very happy to see you here:) yes nature can teach you some important lessons so beautifully. I am really glad that you enjoyed this space. Look forward to meeting you and others here.

  3. namitasunder says:

    Nargis said it rightly….’all shades of green’ has to be in the blog space of one who is so close to nature.
    you know Nups,I feel except man all other forms of His creation are of more trusting nature.They have more faith in Him.They never resort to asking Him for anything .It’s done by us only with folded hands ,bended knees we are always at His doors.Don’t trust Him as giver as per our requirements.
    fantastic write up. loved the prelude.

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