Walk Slowly…


Slow down and linger when

Those musical notes make you catch your breath as your heart sings.

Those words in the book that made you cry.

When hope touches lightly as you notice those first green leaves in the vegetable patch.

When your child sleepily walks in the morning to the kitchen and rubs his face against your night gown.

When after a long day at work, you ring the bell and the door opens to let you in the warm comfort of your home.

When after a thunderstorm, you walk on the grass and as the newly bathed trees let go of the water droplets.

When on a sunny afternoon, you notice those two squirrels running happily around the bush.

When an unknown migratory bird lands on your balcony and looks at you as a long lost friend.

Because life resides in these pauses……..



  1. Thank you,you described the essence of my morning beautifully.

  2. Teresa says:


    Thank you for this reflection on the pauses. I was feeling a little down about something and this helped to lift me back into the preciousness of each moment and the beauty all around (even when everything isn’t going perfectly or the way I might want it to)

  3. Amy Putkonen says:

    You captured these images beautifully, Nupur. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love your pauses. Each brought up a feeling inside of me as if I was experiencing exactly what you were talking about. Beautifully done.

  5. yes….yes and thank you
    for the sweetness of these little benedictions
    that bless,
    each of them a gift
    for the unwrapping.
    slowing down and grateful for it:)

  6. I found myself savouring every word and relaxing as I read your wonderful post. Thank you for bringing me back to a place of slowing down.

  7. Petrea says:

    “life resides in the pauses” YES! thnaks you for that reminder- its so important to slow down and enjoy life more.

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