Ode to a House

13 July 2012

Gratitude for this Friday

 This is an ode to a House, which was my childhood home.  This week it was sold off!  The house had not only provided me shelter but over a period of time, it had become my guardian.  It was here that I learned lessons for life and discovered the magic of love.

I thank you my house for whatever you gave me. I acknowledge every little thing about you today.

This Friday is dedicated to you my dear. With tears in my heart, I let you go…You will always be there even if you may lose your form.


Ode to a House

What do you do when the house you knew as a home is sold off?

What do you do when the house you ran to after school is not yours?

What do you do when you know that you cannot call on that house anymore?

What do you do when all you need is the comfort of those walls?

What do you do when you see each corner and crevice in amazing detail with closed eyes?

What do you do when you remember the summer evenings when wind entered from four corners?

What do you do when all you want to run to it and rest?

Perhaps a place, those stairs or the balcony with potted plants is the best.

And here was your kingdom of dreams.

Of fairies and angels imaginary lands

Stories that followed my tiny feet

The wooden Jasmin planter was a favourite haunt

A corner, few pebbles odds and ends

The hours thus spend were so rich.

Healing the scars before they became deep

And then I remember plucking the flowers.

Before going to school dressed up and all

In July when we had showers.

That lovely fragrance is still in my heart.

Running and jumping I grew up there.

From a baby to toddler to a child to a woman of the now

No matter why and how

I left you when I got my wings.

However, dearest house you never left me.

In the heart of my heart, you will always stay.

Loved and remembered every day.

You will be my solace, my comfort

My place my space my heaven for my soul

And I know when the tears glide.

Your memory will always make me smile.


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