If I ….

If I ….

We are happy

If I am unable to complete that ‘to-do list’  it is right.

If I want to sit with a cup of coffee with the pile of pending housework, it is OK.

If I spend some time in making soap bubbles with my daughter, it is fine.

If I go out in the rain without an umbrella to soak it is lovely.

If while baking with my child the cake sinks it becomes a happy memory

If Saturday afternoon lingers in the shadows with paper and threads, it is much fun.

If while walking on the everyday path, I take a turn towards left to walk into the woods it is fascinating

If tears glide while watching a movie as I break down there is nothing to hide.

Just let the wind into my hair and let the breeze whisper the secrets.

As I realize life dances in such moments of Divine grace.


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