I Understand

 The Certain Uncertainty

And the Uncertain Certainty.

 But I

 Have Hopeless Hope

Or Hopeful Doubts

 I Search

 The Sum of Nothing

Or Nothing in Something

 I Laugh 

  at  little Inconsistencies

And at the Illusion in the Visions

 I Know

 Life moves in one Direction

But Mind can travel in both

  I  Still Dream

  Of the Impossible

And experience the Miracles around me

 I am Enthralled

  By the Infiniteness of the Universe

And  can see the Oblivion

 I Bow

 To the five Elements

To the Creator, Nurturer, the Destroyer

  I Accept

 That time is a flow

And the only concept constant is the CHANGE




The Wanderer

I sit with myself to talk mostly when it is dark
We sit together to speak amicably and agree
Worry, brood, get anxious or argue
Smile, laugh and cry
Though we both understand that whatever the misgivings we ARE friends forever…


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