Mindfulness, Yoga and Nature

July 27, 2012

Friday Bliss-Mindfulness, Yoga and Nature

Sun and Sea

I am grateful this week to my child who inspired me to create a Nature Journal What started as a plan to make her aware of nature and connect her with nature has made my connection more meaningful.

I met my friend’s parents this week. What amazing connection we have! I am grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

I baked a cake for my daughter and was overwhelmed to see the stars in her eyes!

Ever since I brought mindfulness to my yoga session the routine has lost its repetitiveness. Instead, I look forward to yoga now.

After a long humid weather finally it rained today…It is bliss to watch rain drops fall to the ground. Each drop creates a circle just for a split of a second as it  vanishes…

A cup of ginger tea is ultimate bliss in this weather.

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  1. Love the image of watching each drop of rain as it creates a circle for a split second. We have a lot of rain here in Seattle and most of the time I am trying to avoid seeing it, but your attention to it reminds me of the beauty inherent in a rain drop. Today, it is sunny and I will look for the unique ways in which the sun touches the earth.

    Do you live close to the sea? I forget, are you in Mumbai? Lovely pictures of the sea on both posts. Thank you.

    • Nupur says:

      Many thanks Teresa, for the appreciation. Sometimes, we look at everything mindlessly and are not able to appreciate the beauty in every day happenings. Today, the sun is playing hide and seek so as you said I will also try to see the beauty inherent in these moments of light and shadow.

      I am in New Delhi. The pictures I have posted are of Andaman and Nicobar islands. Thanks dear friend, for the encouraging words. I always look forward to your comments.

  2. Ruth says:

    Ginger tea – sounds great. It also helps with headaches. Love your sunset!

  3. Meg says:


  4. Lindsay says:

    Ohh how sweet, journaling with your daughter. Hmm, I should put yoga on my list again too, thanks for the little reminder!

    • Nupur says:

      Many thanks Lindsay for the appreciation. I am enjoying journaling with my daughter. Yoga makes me so calm, yes you should put it on the list.

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