Just Wait

Just Wait

Brilliant colors with glittering jewels
The perfect polish in blue to fuel
A glance, a view would make you sigh
Beauty was soft and grace so high
Proudly as it stood by

A hand touched as fingers trembled
It has been long journey, I said
What long journey someone asked
Well I was not always this
Then what were you, he asked

Once I was part of the Earth
Brown and dark at my birth
Out in the open to look and see
One day came and I was pulled
From my mother and it did hurt
My heart to part
Why me? I did cry
Just wait said the Lord

Then I went to the potter’s place
And here I lost all my space
They pulled and pushed
To hit me hard
I howled as they danced
To give me the shape, I never had
It made me wince
It made me cry
Just wait said the Lord

It was the wheel that made me spin
Dizzy spiral dance of fate
Pinching and altering I knew all
Ache that refuse to speak at all
Numb and sore it made me call
Just wait said the Lord

Painting and Bisquing I went along
Glazing took my breath away
It was the flames in which I found
The heat covered my spirit and soul
It was the end I thought
I closed my eyes and said a prayer
Just wait said the Lord

The darkness faded the light dawned
It was a moment to adorn
The jewels and pearls all came along
I looked at myself and did almost cry
That was a long journey,  I said

Yes, said the Lord
Journeys are hard
Journeys are long
For it takes the hurt
To make a song


  1. simmu says:


  2. namitasunder says:

    Nups…..Reading you after a long time made me feel how have I missed the soft magic touch of your pen.Tempted to borrow that line from you to comment here……….’beauty is soft and grace so high’………

    loved the ending lines.

    • Nupur says:

      Namita, so glad to see you here! After reading your comments I also realised what I had been missing. :):) the process of writing is completed oly when it has been read…Thanks for these words of appreciation and keep coming.

  3. Ollie says:

    So true. I’ll admit that without a plan the night before one of two things happens: 1) I don’t sleep well agonizing about how I should workout, or 2) I sleep soundly and sleep right through the woketut.Nrioher is good. Have a plan, work the plan.

  4. Ico,Sinceramente, a "briga" lá na frente ficou em segundo plano nesta corrida.. sensacional o Kobayashi!!! Aquela velha história de que 'chegar é uma coisa e passar é outra' não se aplica muito ao japonês.- como foi a repercussão (desta performance do Kamui) na imprensa japonesa?- historicamente, quais outros pilotos iniciantes tiveram performances tão "vistosas" e agressivas pilotando numa equipe pequena/média? me lembro do Vettel, Senna, o próprio Barrichelo…Alesi?- gostou de Hiroshima?Abraço!

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    That’s the best answer by far! Thanks for contributing.

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    You’re on top of the game. Thanks for sharing.

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