White and Gold

At times, I find hope in the most unusual places …
It comes as a tearful hug from my daughter after an argument.
It wraps around me while talking to my mother who always thinks that her daughter is not eating properly…
It becomes a lovely green lettuce leaf or a bright orange in the vegetable market.
It walks with me as a little star, trying to desperately shine on a gloomy, foggy evening.
… It wafts along a hot cup of beverage after a tiring day….


  1. Panchali says:

    a tapestry of existence can be so colorful, delicate and endearing :) beautiful ..

    • Nupur says:

      Thanks Panchali Di, happy to see you here. Yes sometimes feelings are like that:)

      • Maria says:


        There is always something real and lovely in your sensitive writings Nupur..simple and pure, deep and valuable..like the white and gold pic.

        Nice to read this..built around Hope!

        best wishes.

        • Nupur says:

          Many thanks to you , Maria for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am happy you enjoyed this piece of writing which just came along one evening. Thanks for the appreciation.

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