Graceful Transition

Today as I glanced through the window the trees swaying in the breeze. The three trees Mango, Tamarind and Neem near my new home looked so friendly…….

 It’s a lovely day…

Breakfast of sunny halves of boiled eggs on brown bread a cup of coffee

And this little sunflower dancing merrily reminds me of divine blessings….



The house has a ‘just shifted’ look as boxes and things need organising

However, it feels great to sit and watch my daughter cutting a pattern for the craft activity

Life is not about order and perfection it exists in an ever emerging creative chaos….

It is found in such moments of transition…

I could feel it while having dinner sitting on the boxes on the day we shifted

And silently sipping coffee the next morning in a cup which I found somewhere

Shifting houses helps in shifting perspectives

As new emerges from the old

Life becomes more fluid

Yes, I loved my old home and will always be thankful

I welcome the new house in my life


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