Graceful Transition

Today as I glanced through the window the trees swaying in the breeze. The three trees Mango, Tamarind and Neem near my new home looked so friendly…….

 It’s a lovely day…

Breakfast of sunny halves of boiled eggs on brown bread a cup of coffee

And this little sunflower dancing merrily reminds me of divine blessings….



The house has a ‘just shifted’ look as boxes and things need organising

However, it feels great to sit and watch my daughter cutting a pattern for the craft activity

Life is not about order and perfection it exists in an ever emerging creative chaos….

It is found in such moments of transition…

I could feel it while having dinner sitting on the boxes on the day we shifted

And silently sipping coffee the next morning in a cup which I found somewhere

Shifting houses helps in shifting perspectives

As new emerges from the old

Life becomes more fluid

Yes, I loved my old home and will always be thankful

I welcome the new house in my life


Friday Bliss 21ST Dec 2012


Shades of Joy

She is ten.

This is a post my daughter.

You were a tiny, helpless bundle with dark black hair…

Dancing curiosity in your eyes was so obvious.

You smiled and giggled and talked on-stop after you started speaking.

I look at you, head bent as you concentrate to draw in the sketch book.

I am amazed to notice the changes as if I am meeting you for the first time.

You look so grown up and independent.

However, in the darkness of the night when you come to me with sleepy eyes and say….Mama I am scared! You look so innocently naïve

And when I let my fingers wander through your hair you relax and trust unquestionably.

I watch you breeze away on the bicycle turning around the cornet to catch my eye……

When you tell I make the best cake in the world.

When you say that Friday’s rice and lentil casserole was just superb

When you look at me and understand that I am upset…

Dear daughter there is so much I want to say, but words elude.

Yet, I will add.

My life as your mother is a bliss!

The above picture was done by my daughter.


I link this Liv’s blog


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !



Friday Bliss 15th Dec 2012

Sunshine Yellow

These lovely Chrysanthemums on my table

I am happy to notice the spaciousness of space as I clear the clutter.

A small cupboard for my daughter created order in the house.

These lovely green shoots are fenugreek, spinach, coriander and tomato.

 I found a lovely compact sewing machine that I ordered. I have a yearning to sew and create things for my home and family.

I deeply appreciate the presence of the Divine in my life. This week I have been amazed how things got done easily, tasks completed.

I am linking this to Liv’s Little Bliss List

Have a lovely Week-end

Walk Slowly…


Slow down and linger when

Those musical notes make you catch your breath as your heart sings.

Those words in the book that made you cry.

When hope touches lightly as you notice those first green leaves in the vegetable patch.

When your child sleepily walks in the morning to the kitchen and rubs his face against your night gown.

When after a long day at work, you ring the bell and the door opens to let you in the warm comfort of your home.

When after a thunderstorm, you walk on the grass and as the newly bathed trees let go of the water droplets.

When on a sunny afternoon, you notice those two squirrels running happily around the bush.

When an unknown migratory bird lands on your balcony and looks at you as a long lost friend.

Because life resides in these pauses……..


Celebration Time

My Friday Bliss list

I am grateful for-

We celebrated Diwali, the festival of  lights on 13th of November

Flowers and Light

That small space of time in the morning when the house belongs to me

A dash butter on my toast and a glass of warm milk.

Toast and Milk

Sunlight entering the dining room in the afternoon….

The changing season which brings in lovely winter vegetables on my table.

I am happy to cook nourishing soups and drink on Friday nights.

Many thanks to Liv Lane for sharing this wonderful ritual!

Brush Strokes

I have been away from my blog for a long time.  The Windows software become corrupted and required formatting. As I pick the threads of blogging, I would like to share one of my paintings. I have just enrolled for a beginner’s course in water colour.

Curved, straight, wavy

Light, dark and shaky

Shadows light and luminescent

Subtle, delicate and blunt

Life is about joining the dots.

Slowly, passionately, lovingly

And everything will transform into a piece of art!

The ‘Eye’ of a Storm

An account of a storm as I observed (please ignore the tense errors)

Dark Clouds


Dark clouds looked threatening. The breeze which was balmy few minutes ago had transformed into a gale. The perfect imperfection of a storm is amazing. The leaves danced, and branches swayed to the divine tune. The swishing sound of the wind was accompanied by loud noise of banging doors. Zigzag ribbons of lightening adorned the sky. Havens illuminated for a second as I stared at the marvellous sight….When did the first rains kiss the Earth? How many years ago?  Was there any living being to witness?

The wind plays with my hair as rain drops weave as pearls. The touch of cold water feels divine on the skin. Last few days were hot and humid and lashing rains feel heavenly.

My plants are happily getting drenched. What does rain remind me? It reminds me of one day as a child, I had walked home in the rains with a friend instead of travelling in the school bus. I remember the rich hot chocolate we had after reaching home.


Tea was what I needed.  I crossed over to the kitchen to switch on the light. It felt like late evening though it was just afternoon.

The money plant near the window created a delicate shadow pattern on the window.

Water boiled and I added the tea leaves, the golden liquid was rippling. Taking my cup outside, I sipped with closed eyes. Somehow, the spoon and the cup together made interesting music. I realised drinking tea can also be a meditative experience.

I am glad to discover the splendour of rains…









Orange and Yellow

 Will you lend me the bright orange dear morning, when the dawn breaks and melts the darkness?

Will you give the yellow sunshine dear noon, when shadows lengthen to rest on garden chairs?

Dear evening, if you walk with me as I go home

I promise to give you a bouquet of orange, yellow blossoms

And share the whispering secrets of the dawn

I might tell you the languid conversations of trees and leave affairs in the afternoon

So that when you meet the night, you can tell the solitary moon what it missed

And then perhaps with its crescent glance would give a silver hue.

To that longing in your heart

Solitary Moon



Mindfulness, Yoga and Nature

July 27, 2012

Friday Bliss-Mindfulness, Yoga and Nature

Sun and Sea

I am grateful this week to my child who inspired me to create a Nature Journal What started as a plan to make her aware of nature and connect her with nature has made my connection more meaningful.

I met my friend’s parents this week. What amazing connection we have! I am grateful to have such wonderful people in my life.

I baked a cake for my daughter and was overwhelmed to see the stars in her eyes!

Ever since I brought mindfulness to my yoga session the routine has lost its repetitiveness. Instead, I look forward to yoga now.

After a long humid weather finally it rained today…It is bliss to watch rain drops fall to the ground. Each drop creates a circle just for a split of a second as it  vanishes…

A cup of ginger tea is ultimate bliss in this weather.

Linking this to Bliss List

Have a great week-end!







Ode to a House

13 July 2012

Gratitude for this Friday

 This is an ode to a House, which was my childhood home.  This week it was sold off!  The house had not only provided me shelter but over a period of time, it had become my guardian.  It was here that I learned lessons for life and discovered the magic of love.

I thank you my house for whatever you gave me. I acknowledge every little thing about you today.

This Friday is dedicated to you my dear. With tears in my heart, I let you go…You will always be there even if you may lose your form.


Ode to a House

What do you do when the house you knew as a home is sold off?

What do you do when the house you ran to after school is not yours?

What do you do when you know that you cannot call on that house anymore?

What do you do when all you need is the comfort of those walls?

What do you do when you see each corner and crevice in amazing detail with closed eyes?

What do you do when you remember the summer evenings when wind entered from four corners?

What do you do when all you want to run to it and rest?

Perhaps a place, those stairs or the balcony with potted plants is the best.

And here was your kingdom of dreams.

Of fairies and angels imaginary lands

Stories that followed my tiny feet

The wooden Jasmin planter was a favourite haunt

A corner, few pebbles odds and ends

The hours thus spend were so rich.

Healing the scars before they became deep

And then I remember plucking the flowers.

Before going to school dressed up and all

In July when we had showers.

That lovely fragrance is still in my heart.

Running and jumping I grew up there.

From a baby to toddler to a child to a woman of the now

No matter why and how

I left you when I got my wings.

However, dearest house you never left me.

In the heart of my heart, you will always stay.

Loved and remembered every day.

You will be my solace, my comfort

My place my space my heaven for my soul

And I know when the tears glide.

Your memory will always make me smile.


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