Breath of Freedom


At times the anticipation of pain will keep you stuck in the same place

It will give you inertia and though wisdom might give you a nudge you will ignore

Going on through the day with the fear in your heart

Nothing you do will involve the ‘all’ of you

For fear will overpower, override, overwhelm everything

Your heart will be like a small scared child

And as you sit through the darkness

Trying to stop the tears that glide incessantly

With quivering lips and shivering  fumbling fingers

Wiping those tears on your face

In the darkest hour sometime somehow

A thought, a place, a deed

Or some long lost fellow traveller’s words

Would whisper and echo

Through some small space in your heart unaffected by pain

here you would turn again and again to seek solace and comfort

To take that small step towards an unknown destination

As you feel the chain of pain slacken

You take a breath towards freedom….


  1. namitasunder says:

    Beautiful thought and expression.Thats why it is said go on doing those little deed of kindness,those small gestures of love ,you don’t know ,some day ,somewhere it might act as beckon of light and hope for somebody.

    • Nupur says:

      Namita, thanks a ton. Yes, as you say it is so important to keep doing these little acts of kindness. It always feels nice to read your comments:)

  2. Nupur, what a lovely blog you have! I took Liv’s class this past summer and now that she is merging all her students together I am reading their blogs (including yours). The ode to the house really pulled at my heartstrings – my mother passed away in January and my sisters and I sold her home of nearly 40 years a couple of months ago…it is strange to know that if I go there, I go as a visitor or trespasser, when I know the house intimately. Thank you!

    • Nupur says:

      Sue, many thanks to you for these lovely words! I am glad that my ode to the house touched your heart. It is a very special blog for me. Yes, I can understand what it feels to be like an alien in your own house…

      I am so happy that Liv joined the groups and has given us the opportunity to find so many wonderful blogs(was just checking yours)

  3. Nupur,

    These words and your image really speak to a recent experience. I have been fearful for a long time to quit a job that has not been very healthy for me over the past few years. I had both places in my heart as you described, the one overwhelmed by fear and the small space unaffected by pain. I finally took the leap into freedom and I cannot believe how light I feel. I feel like the glimmers on the water with that soft topaz light.

    Thank you.

    • Nupur says:

      It’s always great to meet you here on my blog. Yes, we all travel across paths of pain and fear. Thanks for sharing your journey. I am glad you could relate to the picture.

  4. Love your poem and the photo. The sense of freedom at the end is great. Pain affects so many in a negative way and freedom really is the answer we all seek.

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